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Chicago, Illinois 550
A concert hall Rodgers 550 installed in a private home.

New York, NY 660
A beautiful Rodgers 660 shown in New York City.

Black Beauty
The original Virgil Fox analog Rodgers organ.

Rodgers 5 Manual at Carnegie Hall
The original 5 Manual analog Rodgers organ.

St. Charles, IL 330
A Rodgers 330 originally located in Saint Charles, Illinois.

Quebec, Canada 220 & 330
Rodgers organs located in Quebec, Canada

Rodgers Jamestown 100
A Rodgers 2 manual stoptab analog organ from 1971.

An American Classic retires...
A interesting story from a New England Rodgers dealer website.

Broadband Page
A collection of various recordings made on the Rodgers 550 organ. High speed internet very much recommended to download and play these large sound files.

Photo gallery
A photo gallery of this website's Rodgers 550 American Classic being picked up for shipment, and installation in the home including detailed photographs of the speakers and amplifiers.

The Tone Page
A detailed description from Rodgers 550 sales material describing the tone of this electronic organ.

Stop List
Click to see the detailed stop list of the 550, as well as a detailed discription of the various pistons.

MP3's of the Rodgers 550
Updated August 23, 2006
Click for digital stereo MP3 recordings of the Rodgers 550.

Website of The Rodgers Organ Company.

Rodgers Yahoo Group
A online forum for owners and enthusiasts of Rodgers organs.

NPR's Pipedreams
National Public Radio's program dedicated to the Pipe Organ.

Virgil Fox Information site
A interesting site with Virgil Fox information & brochures.

Pipe Organ Forum
A internet forum for the discussion of all organs, and organ music.

Frog Music Rodgers Group
Frog Music's Rodgers Organ Users Group.
The Organ Historical Society.

The New York City Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.

Virgil Fox Legacy
The most interesting organist of the 20th century, shown above at the Rodgers Carnegie Hall Organ. Fox toured throughout the United States on a Rodgers organ which was a specialized version of the 550 3 manual electronic organ.

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Photos of privately installed 550's as well as other Rodgers Analog organs from the early 1970's such as the 220, 330, 550, 660 and 990 are welcome, church and concert hall installations are welcome (looking for high resolution pics of the Rodgers at Carnegie Hall and of the Black Beauty used by Virgil Fox), email at the link at the bottom of this page for more information on submitting your photographs to be featured here!

Comments are very welcome and encouraged. Any historical information on Rodgers 550 American Classic Organs is of special interest.


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